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xDuoo TA-26 Review

The xDuoo TA-26 is a high-powered desktop headphone tube amplifier with a dual 6N8P pre-amp and 6N5P buffer. It is priced at $319. Disclaimer: The xDuoo TA-26 sent to us is a sample in exchange for our honest opinion in this review. Thank you to...

Hifiman Deva Pro Review

Today we check out the new Hifiman Deva Pro wired/wireless open headphone which goes for $329.   Disclaimer: The Hifiman Deva Pro sample was... The post Hifiman Deva Pro Review appeared first on http://headfonia.com/

Introducing Final Audio True Wireless Bluetooth products

Final UX3000   The all new Final UX3000 headphone is a wireless active noise-cancelling headphone. This multi-purpose bluetooth wireless headphone offers excellent sound, a stable connection and is easy to use. AptX LL™ for less latency when watching videos for...

The Elise is a high-end output transformer-less (OTL) headphone amplifier and preamplifier featuring PsVane 6SN7 and 6N13S tubes. The Elise falls in a sonic middle ground between euphonic coloration and detail retrieval. It’s signature is sonorously musical, with a focused soundstage and poignant vocal presentation with excellent extension.

Feliks Audio

Elise MK2

The third version of a distinguished model, the new HE1000 Special Edition features increased sensitivity for superior performance when paired with every imaginable source, from audiophile-grade source components to high-resolution digital audio players. It uses a thinner driver and an all-new Neodymium magnet structure. The result is all the detail and air of the HE1000v2 headphone with a more immediate dynamic sound.


HE1000SE - Open Back headphone