Introducing Enleum


In 2021 Enleum was introduced as a new brand and the AMP-23R was born. However when you look closer the name might be new, the driving force behind it, was manufacturing audio products with great egards under the name Bakoon International. Its founding father, audio aficionado and product engineer Soo In Chae, established Bakoon in 2009 with many technology achievements and wining worldwide recognized awards for his designs. Let’s immediately fast forward to present times as the leading engineer Soo in Chae shifts several gears and steps into his next chapter: Enleum, born out of the words Enlightenment and “Eum” the Korean word for sound. A unique approach to audio engineering with new circuitry and a newly improved PCB artwork to maximize existing performance. Enleum’s unique design was immediately awarded with a Red Dot Award: Product Design 2021.



Ensence: Essence of Enleum


Enleum first product is the AMP-23R, which encased the newly developed Ensence Circuit. A completely new and advanced PCB artwork, with zero-negative feedback wide bandwith design, push-pull class AB integrated amplifier. This advanced technology takes an important role at the input of the amplifier. Part of the Ensence module is the delivery of the precise attentuation of the incoming signals to output circuits that sets the gain/ amplification factor. The design further improves the original THD values, while maximizing the amplification to its current numbers.


Raising the bar: Enleum AMP-23R


Focusing on perfection with minimalistic design and pursuing simplicity is at the core of Enleum’s design philosophy, born is Enleum AMP-23R. A push-pull class AB design with 25watts. Enleum doesn’t feature separate headphone internals, which means that its auto-sensing 6.3mm out and speaker taps share the very same circuit and output power. The AMP-23R will therefore drive “virtually anything from 4 Ohms to 600 Ohms or more. Its output impedance is about 0.8 Ohms and it outputs around 15 Watts into 14 Ohms and 4 Watts into 60 Ohms, decreasing linearly with higher impedances. That alone makes the AMP-23R a beast for any regular headfi jobs no matter how difficult.


Specifications AMP-23R:


Maximum power: 25 watts (8 ohm, 1 khz), 45 watts (4 ohm, 1 khz)

Gain: 22.5 dB max (Speaker, Headphone High) 7 dB max (Headphone Low)

Gain Control: MPU Controlled 1024 stepped attentuator

Input impedance: 10 k ohm (voltage)

Input: 2V RCA (1 Enlink BNC)

Output: 5 Way Cardas Speaker Binding Post/ 6.35mm Headphone Out

User Interface: Remote Control/ One Button & Gain Phase Control

Power Consuption: 30w (idle)/ 100w (max)

Weight: 4kg

Dimensions: 23cm x 23 cm x 5.5 cm (W x D x H)


Pricing & Dealers


Enleum AMP-23R MSRP (incl. Isolation feet) €6900 incl. VAT

Enleum Dealers

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