Meze Elite

The Meze Audio Elite is the latest flagship open-back isodynamic hybrid array headphones featuring a new MZ3SE driver made by Rinaro. This unique cooperation that bursts of synergy creating exceptional products, combining the mechanical design and ergonomics from Meze Audio with the signature technology and acoustic engineering of Rinaro. The Elite from Meze received a lot of press and awards since its introduction. Also HVT in the Netherlands did a great review of this wonderful headphone.


Dutch Review of Meze Elite in HVT


Ernst Neve from HVT has already listened to quite some headphones from Meze. He was one of the first to audition the Meze Empyrean and fell in love. In this review he looks into his rearview mirror en commemorate about this experience. The new Meze Elite triggered this memory, but all listening experiences starts with those first notes.


“Het klinkt een beetje als een grijsgedraaide plaat, maar onmiddellijk was er de (h)erkenning van het geluid dat me altijd al zo aanstond van de ‘gewone’ Empyrean. Maar waarom gingen in hemelsnaam een paar nummers later de haartjes op mijn armen en later in mijn nek dan overeind staan? Opeens besefte ik het me. De mannen hadden het ‘m geflikt” – Ernst Neve HVT


In English this translates roughly too: “It sounds a bit repetitive, but immediately the recognition of the sound that I fell in love with from the “normal” Empyrean. But why just after a few songs the hair at the back of my neck rose. Suddenly I realized they have done it again” 

Complete review in Dutch is available in PDF for download.



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Meze Audio Elite MRSP €4000 incl VAT

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