Introducing Earmen Colibri


The EarMen Colibri is a premium audiophile, pocket-friendly USB DAC, preamp and headphone amp. In addition to many small portable devices on the market, EarMen wants to set the standards. The team has designed a balanced, battery powered device – small in size, but strong in performance. The EarMen Colibri features a fully balanced 4.4mm output, gold plated PCB and a low noise design. It is compatible with Apple and Android mobile devices and is manufactured in Europe. Colibri has a full set of buttons on its side, thus offering complete audio control.


Colibri uses the latest state-of-art hardware and software solutions in its construction, all of which come together to provide a natural and detailed listening experience. The mid and high range frequencies beautifully complement the lowest tones, resulting in a comprehensive and involving sound image.

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Solid Aluminium Body


The body of the device is made of full aluminum block miled on CnC machine, providing supreme durability. Aluminum body is beautified with both sides glass surface added, giving it a premium look. With a detailed construction manufactured to the highest standards in a European factory. Colibri build quality exceeds the standards and ensures a timeless design.


Premium Handheld Portable DAC  – Battery Powered


The heart of the Colibri is the flagship of the ESS line ES9281 PRO DAC. The ESS SABRE PRO series sets a new benchmark in high-end audio by offering the highest dynamic range (DNR) with impressively low levels of total harmonic distortion plus noise (THD+N). Colibri supports Hi-Res PCM files up to 32bit/384kHz PCM, up to DSD128 (DoP) and DXD 384/352.5 kHz. Colibri includes MQA Renderer technology up to 384 kHz,  which can connect to an MQA Core signal and complete the final unfold of an MQA file. Core decoding is included in streaming services such as TIDAL, as well as select media players.


Colibri has its own battery and will not consume the sound source battery. Battery power provides ultra-clean and stable DC current avoiding the issues of noise-inducing RFI/EMI pollution. The battery will last on a full charge up to 5 hours and can be charged with a separate USB-C input while listening to music.


Earmen Colibri Highlights


– Fully balanced 4.4mm output
– MQA Supported
– Battery powered
– Super Low-Noise Design
– Gold Plated PCB
– Manufactured in Europe




Power 4.4 mm Balanced: up to 280mW@32Ω and up to 560mW@16Ω

Power 3.5 mm Single ended: up to 75mW@32Ω and up to 150mW@ 16Ω

Audio formats: DSD 64 / 128 DoP, DXD 384/352.5 kHz, PCM Up to 384 kHz, MQA Rendering Up to 384 kHz

Battery Up to 5 hrs

Dimensions :  77 x 35 x 14mm (L x W x H)

Weight 51 gr


Pricing & Dealers


Earmen Colibri MSRP €329 incl. VAT

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